Remotely check in to see if your device is connected to the app, what the battery life is like and if there are any updates available.

From the top left drop down, choose Devices and select the device you would like to view

Here's what you can keep tabs on:

Battery life - See what the battery looks like on the iPad. If the battery is getting low, you will need to be sure to exit out of the app and toggle the lights off for it to charge while not in use. (keep unit plugged into wall at all times)

Updates - You will get an ! indicator if your Wave App or iPad are not up to date. Be sure to always keep the app up to date to have all of the new updates and bug fixes.

Latency (Internet Speeds) - Ideally you want to see a latency under 300ms. If you're over this and experiencing slow upload speeds you may want to check your wifi connection or run an internet speed test.

Queued media - This will update if the app is having troubles reaching the dashboard and starts queuing the media.

Last seen - This is the last time the app made contact to the dashboard.

Additional Info:

You may not see updated information like iOS version or the version of the Wave app if your device is offline or doesn't have a strong enough connection to provide this info.

Be sure to check that you've enabled Wave location services in the iPads settings.

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