Thanks for making your Photomadic account - you're one step closer to creating your first custom photo experience. We hope this simple getting started tutorial will get you on your way to creating and customizing Collections like a PRO.

Let's go!

Creating your first Collection

Your media is organized into what we call Collections. Create as many as you want based on unique experiences, locations, or projects. When you capture media using a connected device, it will automatically appear in it’s Collection. To get started simply click the big button that says, "Create a Collection" on the home page. 

Customizing your first Collection

After you create your Collection, you will automatically get taken to the customization page. Click through the tabs to explore Branding, Lead Capture, Sharing and more!

Connecting your device

On your device (iPad), download the Wave or Roam app from the App Store depending on your needs. Open up the app and you will see a place to login (using your dashboard login) or swipe to the right and you'll see a place to insert your Collection ID. You can find this ID in the top right corner of your Collection - next to the Settings gear. (Hint: it's the 10 digit code)

Introducing Photomadic to your Team

Here’s a few quick and easy steps to add your team or clients, and what each type of access means.

Account User - This is someone who will have access to the entire account (except billing, unless they are an Admin). They can create and customize Collections and have access to all current Collections on the account. To add a User go to the top left drop down and select Settings - Team - Invite Someone

Collaborator - This is someone who will have view-only access to the specific Collection that you invite them to. It is ideal for one off collaboration or access for sponsors and clients. A Collaborator can download leads and the gallery and view the analytics. They cannot change anything on the Collection or view anything else on the account. To add a Collaborator click into the Collection - Collection Settings (gear in the top right corner) - General - Collaborators (at the bottom) - Invite

Be sure to share the Welcome Aboard folder with anyone who will be creating or customizing Collections- this folder will give them access to all the guides, templates and creative examples they'll need. 

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