Following the key points we've added details to explain the features below. 

App Improvements & Features

  • Improved auto-exposure with facial metering in harsh lighting conditions
  • Ability to choose between Photo or Boomerang on the capture screen.
  • Support for International phone numbers when using SMS or MMS to share
  • Control your Wave enclosure lighting color and brightness from within the Wave app


  • Guided Access Bug - Update iOS to 11.4 
  • Various performance and stability improvements
  • Fixed issue with e-mail sharing when lead collection is disabled
  • Added visual indicator during GIF capture to prevent flashes from showing up on the recorded video
  • Improved share process when lead capture is enabled
  • Additional logging and remote management capabilities for diagnosing install issues
  • Various performance and stability improvements

Improved Auto Exposure
Lighting can change drastically by the second with large windows and natural light. Our new facial metering compensates for variable light automatically setting the exposure for faces. 

Choosing Photos or Boomerang Gifs
Users will now have the opportunity to choose photos or boomerangs as soon as they walk up to the booth. 

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