Here's a list of features that will help improve and customize your guest's experience. Some features are essential (Guided Access) while others are meant to make your experience with Wave as seamless as possible (Branding Studio).

Locking your iPad to the Wave App
Stop users from navigating away from the Wave app by simply turning on Guided Access in the iPad's settings.

Mirror the background
Have you noticed when there are words in the background or foreground they are reversed? Change this in the Wave App settings.

Setting the Gallery to Private vs Public
Did you know that you can set your collection's gallery to public or private? If  you'd like guests to see each other's gifs, keep it public. Otherwise, you can switch to Private and guests can only see what they send to themselves.

Share texts via MMS vs Gallery Link
Use the gallery link to track text analytics and shares on social media from the gallery. If analytics aren't your thing there is a way to bypass the link!

Designing Overlays in the Branding Studio
Want to get creative with your overlays? Here's a step by step on how to use our Branding Studio to create custom overlays for your Wave booth. 

Setting up Auto Billing and Activating your device
Paying for Wave just got a little bit easier. Set up auto-billing and activate your new devices straight from your Photomadic account. 

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