How do I customize branding on the photos? 

Use our Photoshop template and upload the .png file to the “branding” section inside your Collection. Don't have Photoshop? Take advantage of our newest Branding Studio feature! 

Branding Studio

Template Download

Uploading an Overlay

How many users can I have on my account? 

Unlimited! Here's how you can add Users and Collaborators.

Can I pause my account for a month? 

Our subscriptions are completely flexible! Pause your licenses or customize your features anytime you want. Billing will be prorated on your account from the day that you pause your subscription.

What does the monthly subscription include?

Photomadic’s platform pricing is structured as follows:

  • $25/month per license. 
  • 1 license = 1 device (iPad). 
  • Solutions are then built with “add-ons”. Wave’s base pricing is $175/month with the basic add-on features (you can learn more about our features on the marketplace)

How do I cancel? 

You can deactivate your licenses at any time, for any amount of time. If you wish to cancel your account completely, you will need to reach out directly to your Account Manager.

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