Keep your guests from leaving the Wave app by simply turning Guided Access on.

Go to the Settings app on the iPad's home screen.

Once in General - select the Accessibility tab. 

On the right side, scroll down towards the bottom and select Guided Access.

Turn on the Guided Access setting then select Passcode Settings

Click "Set Guided Access Passcode" and create a 4-6 digit passcode. Be sure it's something you will remember or write it down on your Wave Help Guide. It's very difficult to get around this passcode if you forget. 

The final steps are simple. 

Exit out of Settings and open up the Wave app.

Click the home button at the bottom of the iPad 3 times quickly

Your screen should now have a Guided Access border. In the top right corner select Start. Once activated you will not be able to exit out of the Wave app without the passcode.

To exit Guided Access simply click the Home Button 3 more times and it will ask for your passcode. Then select End.

Make sure you download the Wave Help Guide and put your code on there so you don't get locked out! 

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